The tech news outlet The Block on Thursday, Oct. 25. mentioned which the Intercontinental Exchange’s (ICE) Bakkt cryptocurrency platform might get the green light to file for its physically-delivered Bitcoin (BTC) futures product from U.S. regulators within the coming week.

Earlier, Bakkt has relayed about its proposal of launching its Bitcoin (BTC) futures product in Dec. 12. Bakkt is striving to find out the regulated ecosystem on your institutional investors for several years due to their interest towards the cryptocurrency.

Reportedly, according to the anonyms origin of the publication the Chicago trading shop DV Trading apparently market and make traffic for Bakkt’s product.

The Block stated: Should regulators necessary under some project the pin light, ICE’s Bakkt will commence launching its Bitcoin (USD) Daily Futures Deal for clients after a first week of later.

Currently, Bakkt is in the technique of building out its team with strong industry figures and notably hired Adam White from Coinbase because its CEO.

Bitcoin futures allow traders to bet about the future valuation on the coin or hedge their positions in your underlying bitcoin market. Trading of bitcoin futures is relatively muted on other markets, including CME Group and Cboe Global Markets. As reported by Bloomberg News, merely 9,000 contracts traded daily on CME and Cboe in Q3 2019 . “It won’t be what you would call a roaring success,” Craig Pirrong, a finance professor along at the University of Houston, told Bloomberg.

Still, Bakkt’s technique are unique through the ones trading on CME and Cboe in as much as it is a physically-settled future, not only a cash-settled one. Meaning traders, if on your winning side on the bet, pursuing the contract lifespan, get a payout in bitcoin itself, not cash.