On Tuesday, April 23, Binance announced that the much-awaited decentralized exchange is now live.?Here’s everything we know thus far about the Binance DEX.

Binance DEX Now Live

Today, Binance, a top-notch crypto exchange, announced that the Binance DEX has become live. Trading doesn’t have yet commenced, but users can establish wallets at the new decentralized exchange (DEX).

Tuesday’s launch of Binance DEX is crucial for more reasons than one. For starters, the exchange proceeded to go live well prior to schedule; but it comes one or two weeks after Binance Chain, its native blockchain, went live.

Second, reported by CEO Changpeng Zhao, decentralized exchanges can “bring new hope and new possibilities.” Moreover, the “Binance DEX offers way more control over your own personal assets.” So, not simply will the Binance DEX impact the crypto community, but it surely will also give Binance a position up on competitors together with a chance to further the crypto industry.

When Must we Expect Trading?

According to CoinDesk, trading on Binance DEX starts “as soon as tokens are issues and for auction on Binance DEX.” Trading on the exchange is actually put through a testnet period, but in addition to watching for tokens that should be issued and listed, trading must always wait for trading pairs that should be created.

Don’t worry, though; crypto traders won’t really have to wait months to use the DEX. Believe it or not, a representative for Binance has said they are expecting tokens to generally be issued and listed “yearly few days.”


Considering the optimism about the use of decentralized exchanges, it can be worth paying attention to Binance over the week to see if a date for trading to commence has been set. And when you’re a crypto trader, you want to know if you’re looking to use Binance DEX. If that’s the case, have you created your crypto wallet to the platform yet?

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