According to reports, Coinbase executive Dan Romero is stepping removed from his role as v . p . of international business. His departure brings the number of executives end the company within the past six months to 3.

Another Coinbase Executive Leaves

Romero announced within the Medium post earlier today which they will be leaving the crypto exchange following April.?He joined Coinbase in April 2019.

The Coinbase executive didn’t include a specific reason behind his departure merely said he was “interested in take some time to figure out what’s next.”?And further:

“Staying true to a mission often requires doing hard (and even unpopular) things. But For a nice and lucky to discover first-hand that it’s those hard ideas that often create the most value.”

In 5 years they have been with Coinbase, Romero has seen the staff grow to around 700, looking at the earlier-days headcount of only 20.

What’s Occurring?

Coinbase is one of the world’s largest and the majority of popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It raised over $300 million in 2019 and carries a current valuation of $8 billion. Despite its rockstar status, you can find an unusual quantity departures in recent times-as stated, Romero would be the third Coinbase executive to go out of in a few.

Its director of institutional sales,?Christine Sandler, left the firm 2 weeks ago. She prefered a role with?Fidelity Investments, one of many world’s largest financial services providers. Then, in earlier 2019, Soups Ranjan, director of real info science and risk, left, as did?senior compliance manager Vaishali Mehta.

Further, it’s estimated that around?nine other?senior or mid-level employees have died since its October fundraiser.

Best Places to function?

The news is sort ironic considering Coinbase recently made LinkedIn’s top 50 US places to figure list. Clicking the list at number 35, the firm beat out financial players similar to JP Morgan. It was also the only cryptocurrency relative company to feature accessible.

Do you think there’s an issue that caused this Coinbase executive to leave? Or is it an effective case of bad timing?