The UK government has halted a Royal Mint attempt to create a “digital gold” token that is going to trade using a cryptocurrency exchange.

As corroborated by the sources of London based a worldwide news agency Reuters, the British finance ministry doesn’t have granted the approval within the 1,100-year old Mint’s gives execute around $1 billion property value of “Royal Mint Gold” (RMG) tokens, that have been supposedly for being backed by gold assets saved in the government-owned Mint’s vaults.

As per the analysts and large traders, the work would have been when a government to a developed economy had become directly needed for a cryptocurrency exchange.

Based in the official statement on the Mint’s spokesperson it stumbled on know because of the volatile market scenario the project could not be implemented. However, he indicated to revisit for a passing fancy as and when the stipulations will be in favor.

Royal Mint Gold would be to launch through the autumn of 2019, but CME decided inside the last minute to download out, leaving the Mint with not a trading venue, sources said.

“CME’s management changed, and then they walked away, didn’t have to get involved,” on the list of sources said.

It happened in case the partnership with U.S. exchange group CME (Chicago Mercantile Exchange & Chicago Board of Trade), which good Economist it is “The most significant financial exchange you have never heard of” has failed additionally, the government vetoed a strategy to have the tokens trade for a cryptocurrency exchange.

To be precise, earlier, The Royal Mint had chose to formulate its attempt to list the tokens on the blockchain-based exchange operated by U.S. derivatives exchange CME, this manages the biggest regulated bitcoin futures market since in ’09 Dec. 2019. However, the CME backed away from the partnership just before the scheduled launch date late just last year, delaying the work and forcing the Mint to pursue a cryptocurrency exchange listing in order to save the project.

The Mint is A hundred percent owned by the us govenment.

Britain’s finance ministry, the central bank, and financial watchdogs will be looking at several rules that will be required to regulate cryptocurrencies and then the use of blockchain technology in finance. But because of the extreme price volatility, regular thefts from exchanges also, the risk that digital currencies may very well be used to launder money or finance terrorism want to come up with any solution while still confused because of wary conditions.