Where Bitcoin (BTC) goes, the remainder of the crypto market has a tendency to follow. Are considering top ten in green, it is obvious that Bitcoin cost is also faring nicely. The truth is, BTC price in recent times has been giving investors food for thought.

The first 3 months of 2019 see the coin make double-digit gains and also this marks its best quarterly performance since Q4 2019.

While 2019 saw the coin hit all-time-lows, 2019 has surprised somewhat.

Bitcoin Price

Today, Bitcoin cost is up 1.29% and selling for $4,157.87 USD per coin. Mid last month saw the coin finally go above the $4,000 resistance mark possesses maintained its stronghold above that mark-even hitting highs of $4,275 on Saturday.

The current price represents a 13% gain on January’s opening valuation on $3,693, according to Bitstamp data.

This is definitely the first time Bitcoin renders a double-digit quarterly gain since the end of 2019 when prices rallied a 220.84%. While it’s no way near those days-and Bitcoin has dropped about 80% in value since- the double-digit gain still gives bulls something to have onto.

Binance Coin

Elsewhere available on the market, other coins besides Bitcoin are usually in the green, with Binance?Coin (BNB) leading the rest. Currently, Binance Coin has increased 4.59%, continuing increased from the news that it was the top performing crypto within the top 10 coins in Q1 2019.

BNB surged 185% encouraging person he knows, jumping from?$6.069 to $17.335, determined by Messari. Now, BNB is trading at $18.03 USD per coin.

Stellar (XLM)

Stellar (XLM) is on the rise almost 3% at the time of writing, selling for $0.11 USD approximately. Stellar may be on a roll?forever of 2019. The initial lift came from?Coinbase announcing a $100 million USD Stellar airdrop.

Then,?news that IBM is going to be using the Stellar blockchain to power its latest refers to banking institutions also lifted the coin.

All-in-all, regarding the first week of February and also the end of March, with market capitalization of Stellar is up by even more than 29.7% based on?CoinMarketcap.

What coins is there your eyes on? Have you been excited with the growth in Bitcoin price?