Security token platform, Polymath, has reportedly partnered with digital securities fundraising platform, seriesOne, to give customers “end-to-end” solution for security token issuance.

Polymath and SeriesOne Partnership

The news was first announced by seriesOne yesterday through a press release. The firm said the fresh product allows issuers to bring about and manage security tokens which have been “compliant throughout their entire lifecycle.”?As a consequence from the initial token offering up to trading for an exchange.


The aim the partnership will be to simplify the creation and handling of security tokens. seriesOne believes that Polymath’s St-20 security token standard can become the industry-wide standard. So , they are going to partner with the company for making security token management easier.

SeriesOne can be described as securities issuance platform as a result can get a number of securities exemptions in america.

CTO of seriesOnes, Dmitry Grinberg, said the next:

“The token control layer that Polymath offers often is the future standard and we’re excited that they are working together.”

CEO Michael Mildenberger furthered the partnership aims get rid of the “complex challenges” of producing and managing security tokens. The outcome will become a “critical” section of seriesOne’s digital securities offering ecosystem.

In using Polymath’s ST-20 protocol, the CEO believes the system will generate more revenue.

Ethereum for Securities

According to your website “What Ethereum did for tokens, Polymath will perform for securities,”?in stating the company is looking to be like the Ethereum network nevertheless for securities.

The company possesses his own token standards that facilitate compliant trading. In reality, its?ST-20?security token standard is termed “an extension of your more generalized Ethereum ERC-1400 standard that introduces being able to restrict transfers of blockchain tokens.”

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