Tax season in the U.S. is here, and many citizens who use or hold cryptocurrencies are clamoring around usually cause you to how to file their capital gains taxes. In keeping with reports from Fundstrat’s analyst Tom Lee, cryptocurrencies represent roughly 20 % of last years U.S. capital gains.

Cryptocurrencies were a smart investment last year, along with the tax man has an interest in individuals who cashed out into fiat raking utilizing some gains. The real reason for this is because the?U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS)?treats cryptocurrencies as a general commodity-like investment vehicle, that’s subject to the nation’s tax laws. Further, every bitcoin or alternative digital currency transactions, such as the collection of airdrops, trades, spending, and each and every type of exchange is recognized as a taxable event for U.S. citizens.

Fundstrat’s Tom Lee believes Americans owe big money for cryptocurrency investments in 2019, with owed capital gains topping roughly $25 billion USD. What this means is out of all the traditional investment vehicles like stocks, equities, and?silver and gold coins?cryptocurrency-related capital gains taxes is estimated being over 20 percent according to Lee’s findings. Lee details that the current digital currency bear market seemed to be primed by tax-related sales this current year.

“We believe selling pressures have been completely amplified by capital gains tax-related selling this current year,”?Lee explains in her memo.

“If this is correct, we must see improved dynamics after April 15. We still like bitcoin and large-caps even though we believe the bear sell for altcoins is largely over, we really do not see an upside for altcoins until mid-August.”

Americans owe roughly $25 billion in taxable capital gains.?Lee’s estimates stem from the record $590 billion cryptocurrency market valuation accumulated last year, which was 60 times in excess of the year before. The Fundstrat advisor states that roughly 30 % of the digital asset holders are Americans, that means a representation of approximately $187 billion. Lee believes of the fact that capital gains during the U.S. adds up to around $92Bn there’s $25Bn in?taxable liabilities?jeopardized.

Moreover, Lee reveals his study shows we have seen increased cryptocurrency exchange sell pressure. “This is really a massive outflow from crypto to USD and historical estimates are each $1 of USD outflow is $20 to $25 affect crypto market value,” Lee’s analysis explains.

“We expect there is selling pressure by crypto exchanges who happen to be subject to taxation in U.S. jurisdictions.”

According to Lee’s estimates, the huge outflow deriving from digital asset sales into fiat is perfectly timed surrounding the?U.S. tax season. Even when Lee and Fundstrat believe the tax situation may amplify the on-going ‘Crypto Winter’ the team really has a very optimistic outlook at the value of BTC in 2019 . Fundstrat and Lee forecast BTC prices to surpass last year’s all-time high and touch $25,000 USD after the year.