SAN FRANCISCO, CA, June 5, 2019 – Opacity Storage, a cryptographic file storage company, today announced the production of Opacity v1.0. The new product provides anonymous online file storage finding a crypto token payment system including a user friendly interface. No information that is personal such as email, name, or payment details are ever required or stored.

The new Opacity 128GB storage plan accepts payment in OPQ tokens for 1 year of storage service with unlimited free downloads. Opacity encrypts user data starting in the browser, during upload, as well as in storage. Storage accounts are safe by a personal Account Handle and files can be privately distributed to anyone globally using a private File Handle.

“Our product represents an alternative era in online data privacy. Our customers get a strong desire for reclaiming online security and privacy to protect themselves as well as data” said Opacity CEO, Jason Coppola. “There are extremely few native crypto businesses providing this level usability. Anyone accustomed to traditional storage providers will be familiar with our interface and able to dive in. I am looking forward to increased adoption of cryptocurrency in the form of private payment method and we are proud for being leaders within this space.”

Pricing & Availability

New storage plans for 1TB and bigger, and new features such as desktop and specialist, will arrive this current year.

Additional Resources

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About Opacity

Founded in 2019 , Opacity Storage is dedicated to online data security and privacy. Online data breaches continue being a major consumer risk. Opacity is reducing this risk by getting rid of the need to provide personal payment data and decentralizing files stored online. Have a look at, visit and follow @Opacity_Storage on Twitter.

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