The NEO Game Competition has wrapped up after few months of activity. An award ceremony took place late yesterday evening, and the coordinators announced the winners on Twitter:

Best Game Award:CardMaker
Blockchain Award:BLOCKLORDS
Art Award:NEO.Girl
Game Creativity Award:Cell Evolution
Business Value Award:Best Eleven
Visual Effects Award:Armed Girls@Matrix
Design Effects Award:Sky of Mine
Technical Effects Award:Carry Battle

— NEO.Game August 31, 2019

The Games In Detail

Each game uses the blockchain in a different way. CardMaker, for example, is really an RPG-style battle game in which users to development, trade and then sell on cards, which might be in turn utilized for battle.

Meanwhile, BLOCKLORDS is known as a strategy game that stores characters, stats, items, and battle records over the NEO blockchain. Best Eleven is actually a football game that allows users to trade players, run clubs, and find commissions. And Cell Evolution is really a life simulator/sandbox that employs smart contracts to utilise both survival and socializing gameplay.

Some worth mentioning games will receive full releases sometime soon, but in the meantime, a complete catalog of contest entries may be browsed and downloaded by its competition website.

A New Development Kit

The awards ceremony also coincided in the BlaCat Conference. BlaCat is really a NEO-based game development kit that allows for the creation of games that communicating with the blockchain. You’ll find it simplifies blockchain transactions for players:

“Users [can] play [block]chain games like traditional games without having to perform complicated operations in wallets, exchanges, etc., while allowing traditional game developers obtain blockchain technology.”

Platforms of this nature are a major improvement over early blockchain games, for instance CryptoKitties, which was the 1st Ethereum game. Although CryptoKitties went viral, it primarily was obviously a trading game. It attracted players who had been already keen on markets, and who was simply already comfortable with wallets similar to Metamask.

The?NEO Game competition produced entries that much more closely resembled familiar games. Admittedly, the opposition produced independent games, not games that went viral. However, the games span several genres, and can undoubtedly hold a broad appeal. RPGs, sporting activities, vertical shooters, strategy games, and dating sims are among the genres represented.

This level of competition is not the only initiative that could be attempting to integrate the blockchain with mainstream and casual gaming. Terra Virtua and WAX have collaborated so as to break into the VR market, and Coinbase recently committed to the Ethereum-based Gods Unchained. If the trend continues, the blockchain should find its devote the gaming industry.