Casa has announced it is selling a plug-and-play device that permits you to run a Lightning node as is also.

The device is a little Raspberry Pi computer which may be pre-configured to run a Lightning node, but it could solve the Lightning Network’s adoption problems by looking into making it simple proper to run a node.

Why Have a Lightning Node?

The Lightning Network functions to provide a peer-based network that speeds up Bitcoin and Litecoin payments by performing transactions off-chain. Node operators create a small gain relaying transactions on the network.

Essentially, node operators can establish direct payment paths for some other node operators, incase there is no direct path, the payment will “hop” between paths. Node operators get paid for transaction fees if it’s involved in a hop.

Although there are lots of hype building around Lightning, its usefulness uses user adoption, products or services peer-based protocol. Unfortunately, it’s notoriously not easy to set up a Lightning node. As per one recent guide:

“I’ve also discovered that Lightning is especially hard to install, and i have wasted much time setting up a node-This blogpost only describes mobile phone process, and assumes your reader is experienced in setting up a server-Lightning isn’t for the inexperienced.”

Luckily, Casa’s device does many of the work for you: after you turn on the computer, the node are generally managed through a web interface — no fiddling with?code or command lines required.

Availability and Alternatives

It is going to be some time an email psychic reading your hands on the goods. Shipments for an additional pair few months already have sold out, and the next batch will ship in December.

The Casa Lightning node costs $300, that’s fairly steep considering the miniscule profits that node operators currently earn. However, you will find free alternatives: any time you already have a Raspberry Pi, the RaspiBlitz project can automate the Lightning setup process to suit your needs. There are paid competitors as well: Lightning Within the Box and Lightning Farm sell similar products.