A new Bitcoin (BTC) scam website has emerged. Instruction online 2019, when the cryptocurrency market hit mainstream news, scam sites began growing. Since individuals were so desperate to get their hands on digital currency or pick a project that might give them 10X the return, the scammers often won. Now, cryptocurrency investors tend to be more cautious, and also this new fake Bakkt website was easily identified.

Fake Bakkt Website Caught

In August of 2019 , the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) announced Bakkt is launched in late-January 2019. ICE currently operates 23 leading global exchanges, which includes the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

Bakkt has got to be Microsoft cloud-powered “open and regulated” global ecosystem for digital assets. ICE chooses to create an incorporated platform which allows consumers, merchants, and institutional clients to seamlessly buy, sell, spend, and store cryptocurrencies.

The fake Bakkt website had all the stuff thus far within the new platform but included a fake date of launch. The web site even linked the unique blog post from Kelly Loefller in connection with the amount of money that had been funded for those project.

What makes this url a scam would it be debuts a ‘second’ round of funding for Bakkt that is definitely set to complete on February 25th. The site specifically targets “all interested investors who trust in the future of the cryptocurrency market.”

Currently, the fake Bakkt web site is on the warning range of MetaMask but continues to be available. ICE has yet to respond to the reports of one’s fake website and fake launch date. It remains unknown right now if the scammers just made a launch date or maybe they hacked some inside data and Bakkt is actually set to file for on that date.

It seems the crypto community is alert now, when you’re thinking about making any purchase of this space, evaluations beforehand.