In these moments the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, has an unusual attention, from the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, just check out social networks where each “Opinion” is experienced and attempts to convince others to follow a trend towards right or left or that could be indifferent and follow it’s path,?networks are found those networks, where every person writes what they think currently and shows off a “weight”, so you don’t make a decision which could harm them.

In the next few paragraphs we will try and evaluate certain news and it is possible consequences, which look very interesting from the outlook of the finances of your country that is certainly being besieged, across the traditional international financial state, these sieges were already glimpsed from the beginning of the Modern day, when a politician was elected, who could not belong to the predominant status quo, to put it differently that the citizens are already without these events.

As recalled, with the first days of December of just last year, the President, Nicols Maduro, informed that Venezuela would issue a cryptocurrency below the blockchain technology, called or called Petro, might be backed with 5,000 million barrels of oil, its The lowest price would be your price of a barrel of oil while in the Venezuelan basket, that is certainly around $ 60. Then on February 22 on this month, the sale of 82 million tokens start to Asian markets, as per information within the President, Maduro, from the first 20 hours there was clearly an intention to invest in $ 735 million.

In this same regard, yesterday officials of your Venezuelan and Russian governments discussed and reported on your Petro cryptocurrency, newly-launched by the Venezuelan government, during a meeting in Moscow immediately.

As is known, the Venezuelan Finance Minister Simon Zerpa Delgado was in Moscow on Wednesday discussing collaboration between the two governments, depending on tweets published through his official account. As per one missive, the main topic of?the petro, that is unveiled in December and sparked global headlines having its?launch?Tuesday – was remarked upon during the meetings.

Delgado tweeted, this particular. “In this meeting we now have reviewed the efficient and financial cooperation between the two countries, with increased the new cryptocurrency of Venezuela: the Petro. We deliver the Min. Silunov updated the specifics of our cryptocurrency.”

The Minister, Simn Zerpa continued writing, “Russia and Venezuela continue to strengthen their trade balance”, “We can continue advancing inside the construction to a multipolar and pluricentric world, without imperial tensions.”

In this sense, its unclear based on the messages whether Russia’s government may play a role while in the development of the petro, which Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has pledged shall be used to circumvent international sanctions imposed around the country. However, a Russian company called Aerotrading is actually linked to the project,?as previously reported.

Venezuelan citizens have used mixed?reactions?into the launch, by hailing the currency factored in a “new economic era,” when have named it a vehicle for corruption. These messages are presented from myspace, each user writes the think with freedom to express without any restriction, web pages in Venezuela are free and will relieve tension and stress without restrictions.

In summary, belonging to the perspective of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, it is actually being foreseen that some sovereign countries are seeing this Blockchain-bitcoin technology, like a formula or tool in avoiding the blockade and unilateral sanctions exercised by a few financial institutions worldwide. to see if it is possible to avoid sanctions against certain countries, like Iran, Venezuela, Russia, among other nations. It waits thorough ads.


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