Queensland, the second-largest state gold coast australia, has given a hefty grant to a local digital currency startup called TravelbyBit so as to facilitate Bitcoin and various cryptocurrency payments at retail outlets and resorts in your community, Gizmodo reports. Your decision is part of a wider move to boost tourism on the state while supporting cryptocurrency innovation.

Cryptocurrency and Tourism in Queensland

Kate Jones, the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Enhance the state, spoke in regards to the their decision to partner with TravelbyBit:

“Tourism is one among the Queensland’s most significant industries. TravelbyBit has devised a sensible way to make it less difficult for visitors to our state to pay more for their purchases with a growing number of local businesses accepting cryptocurrency payments.”

Earlier in the year, TravelbyBit partnered with Brisbane Airport Corporation introducing TravelbyBit’s digital payment protocol and blockchain-powered point-of-sale system at merchant shops and terminals, making Brisbane Airport the initial airport to accomplish this. Now travelers makes payments in a different digital currencies such as Bitcoin at all suppliers and terminals along at the airport.

In June, local media reported which more than 20 businesses on the coastal capital of scotland – Agnes Water and 1770 can be accepting digital currencies as a technique of payment, making the room the first digital currency town in the uk.

By adopting digital currencies, Queensland is designing a niche market by itself in the country’s tourism sector by reducing the stressors tourists face, including foreign exchange, international transaction fees, and credit card fraud. With digital currencies like Bitcoin, tourists just needs access to an information connection to access their digital wallets as well as payment, eliminating the need to carry cash or perhaps credit cards.

Cryptocurrency Adoption in Australia

The broader Australian government in addition adopted an attractive attitude towards digital assets. The world fast-tracked the implementation of regulations, which include compulsory registration for domestic cryptocurrency exchanges, to boost public and consumer confidence through the sector. BTC Markets and Independent Reserve will be the local brokers that have already received a license from the government.

The government is likewise adopting blockchain technology which powers most digital currencies. As previously reported on Unhashed, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and five local and international logistics companies completed an examination experiment on a major international trade transaction working with a platform built on Ethereum that integrated distributed ledger technology, smart contracts also, the internet of products .