Earlier in the year, Fidelity Investments launched its arm specialized in cryptocurrencies. Called Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS), the branch trades in and takes custody of digital assets. Now, as outlined by FDAS President Tom Jessop, prestashop will take its time adding support for Ethereum.

Fidelity Digital Assets

The platform currently has support for Bitcoin and it’s still evaluating what cryptocurrencies may be added in the long term.

Where Ethereum is concerned, the chief has expressed the fact that company is biding time:

“We’d like to have support [for] ether nevertheless, you know you do have a hard fork coming and some upgrades, thus i think we’re attempting see how those items work out before we make up your mind to put them within the platform.”

It’s interesting that Fidelity Digital Assets isn’t leaping to compliment the second largest coin by market cap. Ethereum may also be, arguably, the # 1 protocol for dApps. It’s more usual just to follow popularity and market caps.

But Jessop iterated actually not making support decisions lightly:

“We may go in market cap order, that is where the demand is nevertheless it doesn’t mean that we’ll list every coin […] There can be reasons why we [won’t list] a coin having nothing to utilize quite frankly client [demand].”

Fidelity Digital Assets Evaluation

The digital asset body developed an indoor framework directed at evaluating cryptocurrencies. This framework considers how decentralized a coin is, the amount of demand there may be for the coin and whether there’s any “peculiarities” linked to the coin’s protocol. Based upon these metrics, the FDAS may not care either support a coin on its platform.

So throughout the past the Fidelity Digital Assets has hinted at adding Ether, this appears the process of doing this won’t be so straight-forward. We can have to wait longer for Fidelity?Digital Assets to compliment Ethereum.

According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum is selling for $138.66 USD, up 0.19% whilst writing.