Web browser Opera announced earlier today that Android users are now able to buy Ethereum (ETH) entirely its browser wallet.

For reference, ETH is selling for $104.75 USD per coin determined by CoinMarketCap.

Buying Ethereum on Opera

To make Ethereum transactions possible like this, Opera has partnered with regulated crypto brokerage Safello to deliver the cash-to-crypto exchange.

Further, the browser is making life that much easier by enabling payments with debit and credit cards. It consists of also implemented other payment networks such as Sweden’s Swish.

According to the net browsing service, buying Ethereum on Opera should take “less than a minute.”

Limited Availability

Users should remember, for now, the services are only available in Sweden, Norway,?and Denmark. There’s been no mention concerning when the service might extend more than these Countries in europe.

But citizens from all of these countries experience an incentive to try the service; for just a limited time, Safello allows Swedish users a reduced fee of two.5%, while Norway and Denmark users get a 5% discount.


As stated, the browser has partnered with crypto brokerage Safello, so users can acquire Ethereum on Opera. Safello is registered with?Sweden’s Financial Supervisory Authority. The broker will verify users who purchase by using the national citizen identity solution when compared with whatever country a person is from. In Sweden it’s BankID, and in Denmark, it really is NemID, for example.

Opera’s crypto product lead, Charles Hamel, stated that the new service should assist crypto adoption:

“We believe that the next important phase for crypto occurs from usage and that for it in order to achieve wider adoption, it should be easy to buy easy to use.”

Opera’s Built-in Wallet

Opera launched its new integrated crypto wallet in December 2019 . Available for Android devices, the wallet supports Ether and tokens who use?Ethereum’s ERC-20 standard. Moreover it supports Ethereum-based dApps and crypto games including CryptoKitties.

The wallet is viewed safer and many more efficient for Opera users mainly because it allows them to?store and workout cryptos directly on the browser rather then have to install extensions or applications. Manage? Would you buy Ethereum on Opera?

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