Lawmakers in Mexico have presented a bill drafted to manage financial technology, including cryptocurrencies in the uk, this information was known depending on recent reports.

The bill was approved on Thursday by the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, the bottom house of the company’s legislature, and is currently pending the signing in the president of Mexico, Enrique Pe?a Nieto, before it comes into force as law, as per Reuters

The latest legislative move follows a prior green light out of the country’s Senate in December 2019 that cleared exactly how for the bill, which happens to be aimed to make certainty about the status of cryptocurrency, and to prevent technique tech in illicit activities for instance money-laundering.

In a local report, Agustn Carstens, the then-governor of Banco de Mexico said bitcoin should be considered a commodity, an excellent currency. As outlined by CoinDesk reports, the framework aims setting out that cryptocurrencies don’t seem to be legal tender in Mexico, a stance according to comments with the country’s central bank noisy . 2019.

In addition, into your market also seeks to set?the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges under oversight in the country’s central bank.

However, the Reuters report indicates that the project, drafted in general terms, will also see further development of a secondary law by other financial regulators similar to Mexico’s securities commission, the central bank along with the finance ministry in your coming months.

One in the expectations might be that the changes bring rules on activities that include fund-raising by?cryptocurrency firms.