Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has spoken out about Bitcoin from a revelation that a great many would consider bullish in sentiment. Wozniak, inside an interview with Bloomberg, has stated of the coin that “we’ve seen massive value creation.”

He also?puts much of the market volatility down to fear-mongering and psychology.

Apple’s Steve Wozniak

The co-founder of Apple has always spoken highly belonging to the coin and whenever said it would be the world’s single currency.

The interviewer challenged him on this view asking him if he still had the exact same opinion considering “we’ve seen massive value destruction in Bitcoin.”

But specific question, Steve Wozniak were bullish as ever about Bitcoin by saying:

“I’m not certain I can buy that we have seen massive value destruction, I do believe we’ve seen massive value creation.”

Steve Wozniak and Bitcoin

The tech icon has owned?Bitcoin in past times. In the interview, he elaborates on that saying that he only kept it to experiment with and to the most recent coins development, not for profit or typical investment reasons. He explains how he sold it once the price got through the roof:

“I don’t want to be those types of people watching variances Bitcoin, so I soldout.”


Although bullish on Bitcoin, Wozniak happens to be apprehensive about blockchain-the technology that underpins the digital asset-in the past. Fresh compared this industry as the next potential dot com bubble believing that lots of?blockchain startups will ultimately over-promise and under-deliver as much as the computer industry did in the ’90s. In an event in Ny in June in 2009, he said the following:

“A lot of the blockchain ideas which were really good by coming out early they’re able to burn themselves out by not prepared to be stable over time.”

On the ’90s hype above the growing computer industry, Steve Wozniak commented:?”It had been a bubble, and i feel that way about blockchain.”

Ripple within the Rescue

And while there is some potential truth in Wozniak’s concern, blockchain companies along the lines of Ripple were laying the groundwork bogus companies do still to make sure that exact problem doesn’t happen.

Ripple has invested many its own hard-cash in a program?referred to as the?University Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI). The UBRI is dependant on developing the upcoming generation of blockchain developers, ensuring the talent could there be to keep this industry alive and growing.

At present, they have 28 universities placed on its self-funded $50 million USD initiative.

Do you trust Wozniak about Bitcoin? Is he locally to be bullish in the coin? Should we be more careful of blockchain hype?

Let us know!