Cryptocurrency received an endorsement from Chicago Mayor?Rahm Emanuel when he stated that wide-scale crypto adoption?is “inevitable” within a FinTech meeting in his city earlier this week.

The chief of staff for former US Obama said that as they is no expert in crypto technology, he believes?digital assets might help financially unstable countries with the economic recovery.

The politician thinks that?“an alternative way of currency fighting the debt markets might happen” at some point in the future.

According to a recent survey led by researchers around the Neustar International Security Council,?80% of companies are interested?in employing cryptocurrency for transactions.?What’s more, 48% of this survey respondents mentioned that the use of cryptocurrency may well be a way for their businesses to locate income by delivering increased value.

Crypto Adoption: Big Companies Going in the Space

A amount of major companies have already begun creating their own unique cryptocurrencies, including Starbucks, Samsung, Square, Facebook,?and IBM.

The most up-to-date company to join the cryptocurrency movement is US multinational financial services giant Visa, which is certainly on the lookout for project managers with?blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge to become listed on their team.