A Slovenian digital currency cloud mining marketplace that connects miners with buyers aided by the sharingeconomy (online transaction) method which got hacked a year ago Dec 2019 by USD$65 million, now approaching track asper the promises made after thehack.

Although, the price of Bitcoin has dropped so severely(roughly 70 percent) since the hack came about, affected users lost from the potential to earn thousands -or even millions -of dollars. Recently the users have suffered the substantial loss as a consequence of massive volatility and major price fall of bitcoin.

At some time of the hack, bitcoin was valued a $20,000, however in the the intervening months, the bitcoin price has tumbled down steadily, currently trading between $6,000and $7,000 during almost all of August.

The firm is repaying the stolenbitcoinand the seventhreimbursement scheme has now completed on August 1st, 2019 , and 60% of four,700 worth stolen bitcoin paid for the users. As stated by the recent post via the Twitteraccount.

The company wasfoundedby Marko Kobal and Matja? ?korjanc in 2019. Their headquarters are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

At the time of hack an officialstatement released from the company stated: “Our payment system was compromised, additionally, the contents of the NiceHash bitcoin wallethave been stolen. The incident happens to be reported for the relevant authorities andlaw enforcement. We areco-operating with themas to do with urgency.”

After two weeksof theincident the NiceHash platformand website wasup and became operational again, the firm broadcasted that funds would berestored soon using a monthly repayment process: “We have been completely able to reserve the funds had to restore balances on a group of international investors. Political figures the interim period to make sure all legal paperwork isprocessed correctly, soplease to wait while we make it happen.”

NiceHash has also with the facility towards the registered internal walletusers to log on and see an existing balance tab beneath the wallet section to the dashboard, who was simply listed before December 6, 2019.

Users who were not registered with NiceHash whilst the attack and were making use of NiceHash service utilizing their external wallet address also are included in the Repayment program. External wallet users can increase to the find minorpage onthe NiceHash wallet website and enter their external wallet address (which they were using at this time whilst the attack) to view their old balance and monitor the repayment progress. NiceHash has reimbursed 5 percent of the old good balance to external wallet users on Wednesday, August 1, 2019 .

Fifty-five percent from the old balanceamountwas already reimbursed under “Reimbursed pending.”

However, a criminal investigation by Slovenianauthorities is still going given that the entity behind the attack is whopping and in all likelihood staying in different countries. Within a official statement, the Slovenian police said: “Information gathering together with other activities continue to underway and finished the help of international legal collaboration.”