Adding to the litany of cryptocurrency scams being sent to public attention recently, a person has just reported to Dutch authorities which he was given?180,000 in counterfeit monetize exchange for 26 Bitcoins .

Details for the Counterfeit Money Scam

According towards the Amsterdam Center-Burgwallen police, the victim had been approached by an unfamiliar buyer on line. After negotiating the terms for your exchange, a man agreed to meet the buyer at the hotel. The exchange went smoothly, anf the husband was given a bag associated with after completing the transfer. Upon reexamining the bucks, the man observed that the bills were fake.

A similar story was reported recently. This time, the victim would be a South Korean businessman, who also owned a successful cryptocurrency company in Singapore. The victim opted for meet with a Serbian conman wonderful accomplice who had convinced the victim these folks were interested in trying out his business. In a meeting held in a luxury hotel along the French riviera, through the coastal city of Nice, the conmen convinced the victim to transfer?2 million in Bitcoin in return for cash, where the conmen assured they might reimburse him for later.

The victim later which all of the?500 bills utilised in the deal were counterfeit. Authorities determined your counterfeit cash were made using Photoshop. Luckily, the sneaky Serb was caught inside the Cannes while driving additional sports car and wearing a $110,000 watch. They are currently in custody facing charges of fraud as you move location of his accomplice remains unknown.

On August 8th a Thai actor was arrested related to a $24 billion dollar Bitcoin scam involving a Finnish investor. That story can be obtained here.