The Reserve Bank of India (RBI), India’s Central Bank, has sought the nation’s Supreme Court to assist in monitoring cryptocurrencies, as reported by Financial Express.

In April, the RBI noted it’s going to no longer provide services to businesses or individuals engaged in cryptocurrencies because of the high risks involved.

Shyam Divan, RBI’s senior advocate, told Chief Justice Dipak Misra the call to regulate Bitcoin (BTC) and various other cryptocurrencies as these currencies depend on illegal practices.

Divan stressed the “immense policy dimensions” of them e-currencies, saying the crypto may customise the global money flows.

The senior advocate cited an interdisciplinary group led by Subhash Garg, secretary of economic affairs, which has created this organization in 2019 to provide a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies. The RBI needs three weeks before keeping communications open with several posted petitions regarding regulations.

Earlier, the High Court reportedly delayed one last hearing for the RBI’s ban on crypto dealings – moving to September 11 from July 20.

The April crypto ban got negative feedback within the Indian crypto community, together with a petition to reverse the ban once you have about 44,000 signatures. In May, India’s Supreme court ruled to change down an interim injunction around the RBI ban requested by 11 crypto-related businesses.

Also in May, India’s Supreme Court noted no petitions are usually filed in every Indian High Court versus the RBI decision to ban crypto dealings. On July 5, the RBI’s three-month ultimatum for businesses to download out from crypto ended, which signifies the ban may be fully enforced.

Previously, an unidentified source out of your government stressed that officials want to classify cryptocurrencies as commodities in exchange for putting a blanket crypto ban.