Judgement day can be approaching, as retail giant Walmart has created a patent in the US Patent and Trademark Office detailing plans for your system of “in-field authenticating autonomous robots” operating below the control of a blockchain network. The patent describes a system of what will likely involve thousands robots linked through wireless communication that can be capable of handling deliveries from first finish-all while staying protected from hackers on account of distributed ledger technology . The patent abstract reads:

“Methodologies, systems, and computer-readable media are supplied for in-field authentication of autonomous electronics. A first mobile autonomous digital camera wirelessly communicates with a second mobile autonomous camera and gets a set of identification information of the second mobile autonomous computer. The first electronic device autonomously travels to somewhat of a specified location and transmits time period authentication signal on the second camera upon arrival on the specified location. The electronic device confirms the identity in the first electronic device based on the first authentication signal and transmits another authentication signal to your first computer. Once the first digital camera has confirmed the fact that the identity of the second gadget corresponds to an expected identity, the best electronic device transfers the thing to the second digital camera.”

Walmart has expressed concern in DLTs for several years now. Cryptojunky reports that in 2009 the retail giant ascribed to patent a program that would automatically reserve locker space at package delivery hubs. Soon after, Walmart filed a patent to have a system of drones that might use a blockchain network to navigate deliveries from physical stores to customers.

Walmart’s mobile autonomous robots will act as a team, keeping in direct communication against each other as they pass along packages from one leg with the delivery journey to an alternative. Each robot is going to be equipped with a different audio signal, an RFID code, an ultra-wideband signal, a Wi-Fi signal, permission number, a barcode, a QR code, and special visual characteristics which can allow other robots on the delivery chain to ensure the identity in the other.

Security is apparently a key trouble in the proposed system, to provide a fleet of autonomous robots traveling we will no doubt wet the appetites of is hackers. The authors of your patent explain that blockchain are going to play an important role in strengthening the system’s security:

“Some embodiments of described above, blockchain technology could possibly be utilized to record authentication signals and identification information to facilitate or due to in-field authentication between autonomous electronics. One or more of the autonomous technology described herein may comprise a node in any distributed blockchain system storing a replica of the blockchain record. Updates to the blockchain may comprise authentication signals or identification information, the other or more nodes at the system can be configured that include one or more updates into blocks to raise the distributed database.”

Walmart’s developing automated delivery systems without a doubt come as an answer to similar operations currently underway by retail rival Amazon. As Forbes reported captured, Amazon has filed a number of patents for various incarnations of delivery robots, which could wind up delivering because 80 percent coming from all purchased goods made within the company’s store.