The cryptocurrency community breathes a sigh of relief Friday morning, succeeding the dramatic Bitcoin Cash hard fork yesterday. It seems like the more mainstream Bitcoin ABC, as backed by and Roger Ver’s, is moving ahead through the race and trading is about to begin soon.

At some time of reporting, Bitcoin ABC is clearly leading when it comes to hash rate (or computing power). It is also ahead with regards to mined blocks, specialists data from Coin.Dance. Specialists the simple rule for hard forks, the longest chains wins.

Now, Bitcoin Cash prices vary considerably between various exchanges. Some exchanges have disabled BCH trading and several continuing to trade it.

Notably, the Poloniex exchange enabled pre-fork trading in Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV latest research by. Additionally, BCH trading has actually been disabled many BCH balances are generally converted to BCH ABC and BCH SV with only a ratio of one-to-one. This ensures that for each BCH an individual holds during his account, your customer has now received 1 BCH ABC and 1 BCH SV.

The exchange explained on its website that they need to support both chains if and when they remain technically and economically feasible following the fork. If a single chain stays viable, some might rename it BCH.

Binance commented that hot weather has also disabled Bitcoin Cash (BCC) trading. Instead, they need opened markets for both BCH SV and BCH ABC. A lot like Poloniex, user balances in BCH have been completely converted one-to-one with BCH SV and BCH ABC. They added that deposits and withdrawals of the two new cryptocurrencies will not be yet available. The exchange has opened trading kids BCHABC/BTC, BCHABC/USDT, BCHSV/BTC, and BCHSV/USDT trading pairs today at UTC 8:00 AM.

In the interim, Kraken exchange has commented that it’ll only support Bitcoin ABC initially. However, it could actually change its position later after monitoring the case.

Other exchanges are yet to have any decision and updates are nevertheless expected at their store, as they decide on which option they’re going to continue to support. They might also follow Poloniex and Binance in supporting your alternatives.