Good days may well be ahead for cryptocurrencies. The sentiment of digital assets is improving slowly after witnessing a bear trend in 2019 . With cryptocurrency market cap has risen considerably by over $50 billion USD since the beginning of 2019. Many digital assets are outperforming the market when compared to the largest indices worldwide.

CCI30 Increases by 40%

Since the?beginning of this year, the CCI30 (Cryptocurrency Index 30) has gained just as much as 40%, reversing the first downtrend. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), which witnessed a drop in the middle of February 2019, have recuperated losses and slowly increased. Bitcoin, which has a considerable affect on the CCI30, has grown by 20% considering that first of this month.

BTC Bull Run

It is time for the cryptizens to cheer?because the price of Bitcoin has surged to some 4-month high of $4,900 USD, during this writing writing, and appears to be continuing to increase. The price of BTC increased by almost 17% in just 30 minutes today. The true reason for the surge may need to do with investors going long for this cryptocurrency. It appears to be the start of a bull run for Bitcoin. Depending on speculators, the value of Bitcoin is expected to achieve $50,000 USD.

According with the billionaire and bitcoin enthusiast, Tim Draper, everyone uses Bitcoin for daily remittances, for buying a coffee, by 2021. Tesla founder and fanatic of cryptocurrency, Elon Musk, said Bitcoin is superior for transferring money in comparison to the current processes.

NASDAQ Gearing to file for Bitcoin Futures

The biggest stock trading game, NASDAQ, is aimed at unveil Bitcoin futures in 2019. Bakkt, an electric asset platform, mobilized funds of $182.5 million USD. This is definitely set to produce in the latter one half of 2019. The firms currently supporting Bakkt include Boston Consulting Group, Pantera Capital, and Galaxy Digital.